Visonic Powermax

Visonic Powermax Intruder Alarm System to suit most domestic and light commercial.

The PowerMax Wireless Burglar Alarm has up to 28 Wireless Zones and 2 Hardwires Zones and all hardwire devices can be power by the PowerMax on Board Power. The PowerMax Alarm has a wide range of devices to choose from including Smoke and Flood detectors as well as the standard PIR’s and Door Contacts.

PowerMax plus range is a powerful home management and security system for small commercial and residential applications with Communicator (PSTN fitted as standard) for the benefit of Self-Monitoring Not only does it provides immediate notifications of intrusion, smoke, flood, gas leak or excess carbon monoxide. It also enables homeowners to view control their homes and their automated systems via internet, both inside and out, anytime, from anywhere. Depending on the peripherals they select, PowerMax+ can pre-program lights, shades, gates and heating/cooling systems or control them by event or manually.

This gives you the flexibility to protect various combinations of rooms/areas whilst leaving others free to enable movement around the property e.g. a part set program protecting all downstairs areas whilst leaving the upstairs free during the night.

All alarm circuit wiring, sensors, magnetic switches and sounders will be 24hr anti-tamper proof while system is set or un-set, if tampered with, this will activate alarm system.

All alarm circuit cables will be hidden wherever possible. The above installation will be carried out to British Standard 4737 and will carry a one year guarantee from date of installation.

Un-switch spur to supply alarm panel or direct from consumer unit, supplied from 6amp MCB.Fitted by our qualified electrician to IEE regulations / BS7671.

Alarm Package includes:

  • 1 x PowerMax Control Panel with Autodialler (4 number autodialler)
  • 1 x External Wireless Siren
  • 2 x Remote Key fobs (MCT-234)
  • 1 x Door/Window Contact (MCT-302)
  • 2 x Passive Infra-Red Motion Detectors – Pet Tolerant Sensors
  • 2 x Proxy Fobs (Tags)

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Optional Extras

This will allow you to tailor your Alarm system to suit your needs and give you peace of mind. Below are few optional extras that you can add to the above system.

  • Wireless Flood Detector MCT-550 (868MHz):
  • Wireless Break Glass-Detector MCT-501 (868MHz):
  • Wireless Impact (Shock) Sensor MCT-303 (868MHz):
  • Wireless PowerCode Smoke & Heat Detector MCT-427 (868MHz):
  • Wireless CodeSecure Keyfob Transmitter MCT-234 or MCT-237 (868MHz):
  • Wireless Portable Remote Control Unit For The PowerMax® MCM-140 (868MHz):
  • Wireless Magnetic Protection Door Reed Contact Switch Surface MCT-320 (868MHz):
  • Wireless Standard or Pet-Tolerant Digital PIR Detector PIR MCW or K9-85 MCW (868MHz):
  • The GSM-350 Cellular Communication Module for mobile use, connects to the Visonic Wireless system:

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