Alarm Monitoring


A security system that is monitored 24/7 provides round the clock protection of property that simply cannot be matched by a ‘bells only’ system. Upon receiving the alarm activation, our operatives will take the necessary action, depending upon the configuration of the system. For example, this could be a call to the keyholder, the Police or Fire Brigade. A monitored system provided by Custodian can be tailored to your requirements, across any grade. Custodian is at the forefront of signalling technology and as such we deliver an extensive range of signalling products and outstanding service packages.

Monitoring Services we offer

  • Intruder Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring

Customer Benefits

Added peace of mind for property and business owners, especially when the premises are vacant
Receive a fast response to an activated alarm, minimising the chances of loss or damage
Police and Fire Brigade call outs when required, giving further protection
Helps meet insurance requirements, especially in commercial environments
Facilitates superior management control of staff activity in commercial settings
We offer a comprehensive selection of intruder signalling encompassing a wide range of suppliers and technologies. For example:

  • Digital Communicator
  • Redcare
  • CSL DualCom
  • WebWayOne
  • Emizon
  • Chiron
  • Risco FreeCom

CCTV Monitoring

Remote Video Response (RVR) has grown to become a leader in the UK CCTV Monitoring and Response industry. Offering services to customers in all sectors, regardless of size or location.

Our strengths are underpinned by our highly skilled and experienced workforce, our range of flexible and innovative products and services resulting in our reputation for service excellence.

Customer Benefits

  • Added protection for people and property
  • Visual verification of what is happening on site
  • Visual deterrant on site for staff and intruders
  • Works in conjunction with a monitored intruder system for maximum protection
  • Footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedings
  • Potential to reduce staff costs on site as RVR is available 24/7
  • Additional peace of mind for property and business owners

Starlight offers a comprehensive selection of CCTV related services by using a wide range of transmission technologies, including:

  • Remote Surveillance
  • Remote Verification
  • Remote Service
  • Remote Interactive
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Tours

Keyholder Care

Keyholder Care offers valuable peace of mind to employers and those responsible for providing a duty of care to their keyholders when being placed in the vulnerable situation of attending site when an alarm has activated. This protective service sends the keyholder a set time window to attend site and return back home, giving the keyholder the opportunity to extend the time if needed.

Once safely home the keyholder will close the Keyholder Care record. However, if we receive no acknowledgement of a safe return, or an extension to the time window, we at Custodian will step in and escalate the potential risk to your keyholders safety by alerting your chosen emergency contact point.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

What is Key Holding?
Keyholding is where another company has a duplicate set of your premises keys and alarm codes and is able to attend to your security or fire alarm activations out of hours and check your premises for intruders or other dangerous situations on your behalf.

Starlight,is in partnership with South East Security offer a single turnkey solution within a rapid time frame to ensure your premises are restored to a secure level or to liaise with the Police should their presence be required, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

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