Emergency lighting

Experiencing a Power Failure? Get Our Reliable Emergency Lighting Services in London today

We understand how important emergency lighting services in London are for a commercial building’s safety requirements. It is important that you hire the services of a trusted, qualified and experienced company that can help you with the best possible solutions for your commercial requirements. This is where Starlight steps in and takes the responsibility to provide quality emergency lighting services in London.

Our Emergency lights are:

Starlight Electrical & Security Solutions Ltd. offers emergency lights in self-contained units that are wired to the main switch. These remain well-lit in case of a power failure due to their extended battery backup. The batteries can either be carried within the body of an individual light or accessed by the lights via an independent wired circuit. The batteries are charged via the main supply.

Clear, illuminated Escape Routes

Our experts assist in surveying, supplying and providing emergency lighting services and systems in London. The lights are placed at strategic places throughout the building to illuminate exit areas and hallways.

The clear illuminated escape routes can help in case of emergency exits or power failures. For example, in case the building needs to be evacuated at a short notice, and the power is out, these emergency lights help them find a safe way outside.

Installation & Maintenance in Accordance with British Laws

We offer to design, install, and commission and maintain services for emergency lighting systems in London. These are carried out in accordance with BS5266 pt. 1 2005. Our company adheres to and provides maintenance services which are in line with British safety standards.

Keeping in view the safety standards, it is also mandatory for businesses to get their emergency lighting systems checked at least once a month and record it in a log book.

For emergency lighting systems in London, the following is a testing schedule in accordance with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS5266-8:2004, 7.2.3 and BS 5266-8:2004, 7.2.4. According to this standard, all a test record should be mentioned in the log book BS 5266-1:2005.


Visually check that all lamps are operating and that all system indicators on the Central Power Supply Systems (Central Battery Systems) are illuminated. We also check if all the actions are recorded in the log book. In case of a systems failure, urgent attention is given to the problems.


Check that all emergency lighting equipment is in a good condition and that all lamps and light controllers are cleaned. It should be ensured that they are not damaged. Briefly test all emergency lighting equipment by simulating a failure of the normal lighting supply. Finally, once the main supply is restored, all supply indicators should be illuminated.


A full system test should be conducted by a competent service engineer including a full duration test of the system. We maintain each emergency lighting system in London according to the requirements of BS EN and BS standards to ensure that there is no risk of danger to anyone.

Starlight offers competitive rates for the above mentioned maintenance services. Feel free to Call us on: 0203 137 7702.