Cctv Monitoring

Get Premium CCTV installations for Monitoring Domestic and Commercial Premises in London

Starlight Electrical & Security Solutions Ltd. designs, installs and maintains systems for CCTV monitoring in London. We deal with both domestic and commercial properties in the city. Our wide range of security cameras can be installed at homes, shops, offices, warehouses, and small businesses at competitive prices.

CCTV Monitoring deters burglars and intruders

Our CCTV monitoring in London can provide deterrence against crimes like burglaries and thefts. At private residences, our CCTV systems can enhance security and allow you to observe the surroundings of your home. These systems allow you to see your home from anywhere in the world via smartphones. In case of a crime, CCTV cameras can serve as evidence for tracking those responsible for the crime.

We provide free quotations for camera systems and our experts conduct a survey of your property before installation. No matter what the size of your property is, our professionally trained staff will work efficiently to survey your property and design a system accordingly.

All our installations are carried out in compliance with all relevant legislation including NSI and SSAIB. We also provide regular maintenance of our CCTV monitoring systems in London to ensure your safety at all times.

CCTV For Commercial Premises

We understand how important and critical official sites are. For commercial purposes, CCTV cameras are installed at various points to deter any unauthorized access to crucial areas of the property. They help you as a third eye on every individual who visits the premises.

Our professional technicians also share how CCTV systems work and the legal ramifications of owning a system. For example, to remain in compliance with the Data Protection Act, footage featuring members of the general public should be removed.

Our engineers also advise you on the size of hard drive that your recording device needs, in order to store the optimal amount of footage.

What CCTV Systems do we offer to install?

  • External Eyeball with inbuilt infra-red illumination.
  • High speed domes with pre-sets and automatic tours.
  • Vandal resistant mini-domes.
  • Covert cameras with sound available.
  • Box cameras.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom cameras.
  • VPNR Vehicle Number Plate Recognition cameras, with the added ANPR for integration with access control systems.

Research states that 85% of burglars do not attempt to break in places where CCTV cameras are installed. With the fear of being watched, they avoid accessing any unauthorized property.

Starlight also offers digital recorders, DVR and NVR for IP systems. These come with large hard drives to enable our clients to maintain lengthy archives of footages. All recorders are compatible with Ethernet and can be remotely accessed from any PC, Laptop, or smartphone. This enables you to look after your office/home even from distant places.

PTZ Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras can also be controlled remotely over the internet by the simple click of the mouse; you are able to move your camera up / down or zoom in / out. We pride ourselves on offering state of the art equipment to our clients.